British Summer Time in Royal Hyde Park

I was invited to Royal Hyde Park for the British Summertime Music festival sponsored by Barclaycard this weekend. Originally we where offered Rolling stones tickets but sadly we could not make it. But boy did we have the best time, I decided to take Lottie my daughter for a fun girlie day out on the Sunday to see Eliza Doolittle, Jennifer Lopez and Lionel Ritchie, all 3 knocked everyones dusty flip flops off their dancing feet!

I received 2 Gold circle tickets and 2 guest passes to the relaxation area. Treated like royalty and made to feel so special it was a dream come true! Sunday was so hot and we nearly melted but it was an amazing day filled with fun and laughter. We got to the Event in good time and decided to have a rest after our train journey in the calm but fun relaxation area and get a drink, take some amazing pictures before it got too busy. It was actually like this all day, It was so perfect.

British Summertime Festival

British Summertime Festival

Cool boats and deck chairs strewn all over the enclosed garden. Just like a little fairytale.IMG_2622 IMG_2623



Struggling to get in to the chair!


We both looked so teeny!British Summertime Festival


We spent a little while relaxing then off to see Eliza Doolittle who was brilliant. Pitch perfect in every way!IMG_2630 IMG_2631

Gold circle tickets mean you get to go right to the front, so close you can almost say “Hello up there we are huge fans!” After that sublime performance we headed back to the guest area and a cool down under the shade of a nice big tree. IMG_2632 IMG_2633 IMG_2634 IMG_2635 IMG_2637

It was so peaceful, even Lottie said it felt so chilled, not like other festivals where you are being pushed and shoved.

We then headed off to have some serious fun. Lottie got me on all the crazy rides. I have a fear of heights…Not today Mum…we are going on all of them! I have to say it was amazing and I cried with laughter and nervous energy! My fears my be swished a little but only a little!! I still cant believe she got me on that thing!

IMG_2639 IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2642



IMG_2643 IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2646

British Summertime Festival

This was the worst! It went so fast and by the end I had tears rolling down my face with pure fear and giggling like a kid at the same time! Scary

Lottie excited that I actually went on all the rides! I was trying not to look terrified!!

Back on solid ground for refreshments and fashion watching, if you are wondering what to wear to a festival just think Maxi dresses, shorts and anything a bit boho. Although there was a fair few ladies dressed and groomed to perfection with perfectly matching accessories!IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2653

Back off to the guest area again and we met up with Lee Ryan from Blue and his wonderful family, His gorgeous Mum has invited us to her salon in London soon to check it out. We cant wait!


Good camera work Lee, I made him take a few snaps!IMG_2655


The Lovely Lucy.

British Summertime Festival

The girls look fabulous!

Then off to see JLO and Lionel!


She was Incredible and so close to us… Amazing…We now love her a little more if that was possible.

IMG_2660 IMG_2661


British Summertime Festival

British Summertime Festival

We missed our train we where due to catch so we decided to have a little snooze in the big deck chair until it was time to see if you could catch another one! How pretty was it after dark!

Bioderma Wins

Snooze time

Tired with sore feet!


All of this would not have happened if I hadn’t been approached by an amazing company called Total Media, they are a fantastic media company that work with brands on promotions just like British Summertime I attended.

Total Media is an independent Media agency which specialises in launching and growing brands, they provide online promotions through social media channels. I have the privilege to be one of these such channels. I cant wait to see whats up next! I also want to say a massive thank you to Hyde Park Festival for having me there to review the day, it was one of the most incredible days out! I coming back next year for sure!

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  1. Samantha Jones
    July 17, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Things you do for the blog…
    We love it though ha ha :)
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves..
    It’s good to know what is going on in different places and when to visit next time they are on.
    Keep up the good work.

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